We're at a Creative Crossroad

Technology makes it possible for talent to work anywhere, anytime, and stay connected to virtual teammates and clients every step of the way.  So, why aren’t more organizations leveraging freelance talent? Why do they continue hiring full-time overhead, one-off contractors who never talk to each other, and expensive traditional agencies? Because freelancers historically worked in silos. 

We believed someone should bring together powerful teams of freelancers, coordinate their efforts, and provide clients with all the benefits of freelance creative talent — without all the hassles of finding and managing individual freelancers.

We looked. We came up empty-handed. So, we decided to do it ourselves.

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Rules of the Game

Building a 100% virtual and 100% freelance team takes intentional and constant focus on culture, client experience, and communication. What’s that mean at Creative Quarterback? We play by our own rules and hold each other accountable.

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If you’re spending your days in meetings, on calls, or cobbling together one-off contractors who never speak to each other, it’s time to try Creative Quarterback.

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