Founder & Head Creative Coach

About Nicole Ross

Nicole is a business school grad with a creative bent. She’s uber-organized Type-A meets go-with-the-flow Type-B. She’s a corporate marketer with a heart for small business and philanthropy. She’s right and left brain. She’s a fly fishing, novel writing, horseback riding, ex-kickboxer who has no earthly idea when football season starts. She appreciates the irony.

She spent a decade in the fast-paced world of SaaS marketing at ExactTarget (acquired by Salesforce in 2013). After wearing so many creative hats like copywriting, event management, graphic design, sales support, employment branding, college recruiting, agency and freelancer management, printing and promotional products, and communications, she knew she’d never be able to settle on a single focus area. Then, she realized she didn’t have to, and Creative Quarterback was born. 

Nicole works virtually (like her entire team) and lives in beautiful Bozeman, Montana.

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  • Nicole

    Founder // Head Creative Coach

    Founder, Head Creative Coach, and "QB1" @ Creative Quarterback, multi-hat marketer, aspiring novelist, recovering kickboxer, animal lover, cowgirl yogini, and chronic hobbyist.

  • Abby

    Asst. Coach, QB & Team Captain

    This ExactTarget alum and “Type-A” mom can be found sipping red wine with her hubby, watching cattle graze on her family farm, and eating homemade apple pie (and running it off later).

  • Elizabeth


    Designer with a marketing mind and an eternal optimist. Thrilled to be watching her daughter, Juni, grow. Loves to curate a pinterest board and come up with concepts for big creative problems.

  • Kyra


    Photographer and all purpose creative. Loves traveling with her family, everything outdoors and hands-on projects like restoring a 22' sailboat with her husband.

  • Mallory

    Guest Services & Stadium Operations

    Midwestern mom of two who met her husband in Western Australia, has a wanderlust habit, has lived in 5 states as an adult, and has an obsession with the magic of yoga, wine, and human connection.

  • Penny (in memoriam)

    CQB Mascot

    First official Mascot and #QBeagle, dogged (pun intended) bunny hunter, marathon napper, hoodie model, and die-hard foodie. Dearly missed and a true game changer <3

  • Rem

    CQB Mascot

    Official Mascot & Creative Quarterhorse @ CQB. Cow chaser and sunshine snoozer. Loves playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon and bragging about his cameo with Twilight's Kristen Stewart in "Certain Women."

  • Renée

    Special Counsel

    From budgeting to business strategy, Renée helps CQB's back office run smoothly. With more than a decade of tech experience at Intel and Apple, plus professional editing expertise, she always brings left-brain and right-brain skills to the table.

  • Stefanie


    Writer @ CQB. Often seen wrangling toddlers, belting out Disney songs, guzzling iced tea, watching New Girl, and defending the Oxford comma.

  • Squirrel!

    CQB Mascot

    Official Mascot & Concessions Manager @ CQB. Fitness buff, side ponytail model, and all-around good boy. Only dog who hates the sound of the refrigerator opening.

  • Theresa

    Graphic Designer

    Passionate about branding, layout, fonts (Want to talk about kerning?), and paper. Enjoys cooking for a crowd, cheering for Purdue, playing tennis, and being a “Cool Mom” to her cool kiddo.

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