In a collaborative, open-source knowledge economy, this is the future of business.

Kimberly, Freelance Quarterback

I love getting to work with innovative, cutting-edge clients at a stage in their business growth where we can make a huge difference.

Abby, Freelance Quarterback

Design is part of everything I do, and I’m extremely lucky to incorporate it into my career on a daily basis. It’s wonderful to work with colleagues at CQB who share this passion in an environment that’s challenging, inspiring, and most importantly, fun.

Brandon, Freelance Email Designer

Working for CQB is a fantastic experience. I get to focus on my strengths, while other top-notch players take care of what they’re good at (project management, web development, design, and so much more). And the best part is, we get to set our own schedules and do work we love.

Kristeen, Freelance SEO Guru

I love working with like-minded freelancers on fun and interesting projects. It benefits us and the clients. The client gets high-quality marketing, and we get to work on the types of projects we love with the freedom of freelance.

Elyse, Freelance Graphic Designer

CQB quarterbacks are leaders on and off the field — both for our clients and our team members — communicating with us on an individual level to make sure we understand our roles and rallying us to do our best work.

Stefanie, Freelance Copywriter

We tackle huge web projects with a team of talented graphic designers, writers, photographers, project managers, and SEO experts. With a lot of strategy, teamwork, and regular communication, we’re able to effectively execute our [game] plan.

Erica, Freelance Web Designer & Developer

Working with CQB lets me focus on what I do best and makes the entire process more efficient! The team is the best you’ll find anywhere, and the collaboration and camaraderie between team members makes every project a joy.

Lindsey, Freelance Web Designer

I love that I don’t have to pound the pavement to find my own clients! Plus, I’m always proud to have my name associated with projects we deliver.

Casey, Freelance Quarterback

Why CQB? Fun. Freedom. I love working with our diverse clients because I get to flex my creative copywriting muscles in a new way every day. Plus, freelance work enables a healthier balance in my crazy, 4-teenager life.

Katrina, Freelance Copywriter

I’m consistently impressed and inspired by our team spirit – high caliber, results-driven, collaborative, and lighthearted.

Kimberly, Freelance Quarterback

There’s something contagious and edifying about working with people who strive for excellence in the work they do – this defines the team at CQB.

Tom, Freelance Videographer

CQB brings talented minds together — on their own time and terms — to create world-class results for our clients.

Abby, Freelance Quarterback

With CQB, I have a great team and work with fantastic clients. Fun, interesting projects for fun, interesting people? It doesn’t get better than that.

Paul, Freelance Photographer

The work we do at CQB is a true collection of talents. We’ve taken the best practitioners in the industry and put them on one team so every project, big or small, is a masterpiece.

Stefanie, Freelance Copywriter

The incredibly talented CQB team is second-to-none, and I am always proud of the work that we deliver together.

Katrina, Freelance Copywriter

I love working with CQB because of the professional talent pool. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that every client will receive advice and services that will surpass their expectations.

Tom, Freelance Videographer

CQB really is a win-win model. Companies get on-demand access to the best, brightest creative talent, and freelancers get to focus on their skills. The virtual nature of CQB means minimal overhead, no geographic restrictions on talent, and increased autonomy.

Kimberly, Freelance Quarterback


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