Creative Prospecting Campaigns

Campaign Club is a creative direct mail lead generation program that helps fill your funnel with warmer, more responsive prospects every quarter — like clockwork. We manage the process from start to finish so every campaign happens on time, on budget, and on message.



Member Benefits

We’re all about win-wins here at Creative Quarterback. Campaign Club allows our team to plan, create, and execute further in advance and on a set schedule. In return, you receive our Member-Only savings on all promotional items (20% savings over non-members) and a host of additional benefits designed to help you (and your budget) breathe easier:

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Quarterly Deliverables

As a Campaign Club member, you can count on a set number of campaigns (four) delivered on a set schedule (beginning or end of each quarter). No more uncertainty. No more missed opportunities. No more sales team confusion. No more panicked end-of-quarter Hail Marys.

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We’re seeing an 11x return on our campaigns.

Nick B., Return Path

We wouldn’t have closed nearly as many deals without you!

Dakota Davis, Emarsys

I’ve loved working with you all… was seriously blown away!

Rachel Downey, Share Your Genius

We received our sample mailer, and it looks sooo nice! Everyone loves it. Thank you!

Rachel Rich, Return Path

“Wow, this campaign looks so sharp! Can’t wait to check it out and share it with the team!”

Claire Couch, Conga

The ROI we get on direct mail campaigns is the highest of all our marketing activities. It works.

Nick Badgett, Return Path

We sincerely appreciate your creativity and your partnership!

Dakota Davis, Emarsys

Our Sales Dev team LOVED the mailers, and they got great feedback.

Stephanie Miller, Return Path

WOW! I love it. This is perfection!

Dakota Davis, Emarsys

Your creative has an impact every time.


The cupcake campaign is a hit with our prospects, and we’re seeing great results!

Nora Snoddy, Emma

This is exactly what campaigns are supposed to do–create conversations and brand awareness.


We love doing business with you.

Amy Nelson, Emma

We got our first inbound lead 30 minutes after the prospect received his box in the mail.


Our target customers are marketers, so they all appreciate beautiful presentation and nice branding!

Stephanie Miller, Return Path

I LOVE working with the CQB team… you ALWAYS show up!

Dakota Davis, Emarsys US Field Marketing Manager

It’s wonderful to log into my email in the morning and find everything in perfect order.


This campaign rocked. People we’ve reached out to 20 times in the past with no luck responded to this one.

SEAN BRADY, EMARSYS President of Americas

[My prospect] said that our name has been tossed around the office all day…AND to top it off I got an appointment.

Dakota Davis, Emarsys US Field Marketing Manager

We had people tell us that it was the best campaign they had ever seen.

JOHN KWIATKOWSKI, Octiv VP Enterprise Sales

Very nice. I really like the campaign.

Ohad Hecht, Emarsys CEO

With 24 meetings booked and 5 deals closed within 8 weeks, the mailer has paid for itself.


YOU GUYS ROCK. The car mailer was such a HIT!

Dakota Davis, Emarsys

Happy this campaign is running so smoothly!

Amy Nelson, Emma

You guys are the best. You make it easy!

Stephanie Miller, Return Path

We were excited to see all of the awesome ideas… super unique and really ties into our new messaging!

Tyler Hinkle, Octiv

Frequently Asked Questions

“How can we fill the funnel and meet our sales goals?” 

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“How can we help give the sales team a reason to follow up with prospects?”

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“How can we increase our response and conversion rates?” 

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“How can we continue the conversation with those already in our pipeline?”

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“How can we re-engage, educate, and up-sell our current customers?”

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Membership Now Open

Campaign Club membership is limited, so reserve your spot today! Remember: We begin working on new campaigns three months prior to deployment.

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