Arctic Wolf’s 24×7 Concierge Security™ Team works around the clock to monitor, detect, and respond to cyberattacks before they have the chance to impact your business.

Given such high stakes, the company was eager to spread brand awareness and educate prospects in a high-touch, high-value way. One of Arctic Wolf’s team members had previously partnered with us on direct mail for a previous company, so she reached out about trying Campaign Club… with a twist.

In addition, their Channel team wanted to add an extra campaign to promote a sales incentive trip to Iceland. Pretty cool! (Pun intended.)

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Campaign Club is the only subscription-based, B2B direct mail prospecting program of its kind. Arctic Wolf joined at our “PRO” membership level, which entitled them to four unique campaigns over the course of one year.

Instead of sending a single gift, however, the team wanted to ship a larger number of “tier one” kits. Then, for any prospect who scheduled a meeting, they would send a “tier two” gift of higher value as a reward. We set up one of our simple online stores to enable one-off ordering and inventory for phase two.

Meanwhile, we kicked off the Iceland campaign for the Channel team. Partners would receive a set of laser-engraved whiskey stones and information about how they could win the grand prize trip.

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Just got word from my team that they want to send another 846 kits. Obviously we’re doing pretty well with it!

Amy P., Arctic Wolf

This is so great! I gave our Channel team a sneak preview, and they were impressed.

Jamie B., Arctic Wolf

I’m loving the direction of the messaging and the look overall.

Amy P., Arctic Wolf

Assuming we see some positive results from the campaign, we’d love to do another one soon!

Jamie B., Arctic Wolf


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