Creative Brief

Far from the typical, stale stereotypes of benefits companies, FirstPerson makes people strategy sexy. They believe people strategy is the core of business strategy (hear, hear!), and stake their claim on designing smarter people strategies for more productive businesses. Having recently completed an internal brand refresh and website redesign, they needed to bring their sub-brands up to par with a more intuitive structure and modern look. Better design, better content, better backend? We were hoping you’d ask.

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Creative Approach

Our team redesigned their GoLiveSmart sub-brand’s website to reflect FirstPerson’s modern brand identity and cutting-edge model. We worked with their internal marketing team to design and develop a new WordPress website with refreshed copy, photography, and a Box integration for end-user file sharing and access to benefits materials. Best of all? Our intuitive-yet-powerful backend content editor allowed the FirstPerson team to take up the reins of site maintenance post-launch. 

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Creative Customization

One of FirstPerson’s clients, The Heritage Group, had a special request: they wanted a custom branded GoLiveSmart website for their own team. In keeping with their put-people-first nature, we sought to not only meet their client’s request, but knock it out of the park.

Our web developers began by creating a scalable child-parent website framework that allows FirstPerson to add more custom client sites in the future without painstakingly managing each site separately. The child sites can feature the client’s branding and custom content, while still pulling core content from the parent site’s blog and overall framework. Hours: saved. Headaches: averted.

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I can’t say it enough, but we love the new site! I love how your team took our concept and brought it to life so masterfully.

Alicia Kurtz, FirstPerson

Crazy to think about our old site now. You guys have done an amazing job throughout this transformation!

Nicole Wood, FirstPerson


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