We all know great background music and announcements can make or break a vibe. Whether you’re working in a coffee shop or lifting weights at the gym, atmosphere is key. Vibenomics (formerly Fuzic Media) is all about perfecting that vibe.

They combine music and messaging to deliver custom audio experiences via an innovative app that allows clients to request customized promotional voiceovers. Location-based businesses can now easily create and control whatever vibe they want within their space–whether it’s one location or an entire franchise network. As a startup, the company simply needed help getting the word out.

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Vibenomics (Fuzic at the time) joined CQB’s Campaign Club, the only subscription-based, B2B direct mail prospecting program of its kind. Opting for our “LITE” membership option, Vibenomics received two unique campaigns–each deployed twice. Not only did that give them a new quarterly touchpoint with prospects, it spread out the follow-up responsibilities for their small-yet-mighty team.

We began by targeting family fun centers and designed, ordered, packaged, and deployed their first campaign to 250 prospects. Inside each kit, we put a custom-labeled energy drink, full-print sweat towel artfully rolled inside a branded wristband, and a customized card that drove prospects to request a demo.

The results? Within 24 hours of the mailers arriving, five prospects called to schedule demos. One person called within 30 minutes of receiving his kit and said “I want to buy Fuzic.” The next day, they had four more inbound leads. One week later, 12 more. One member of their sales team told us, “Because of this campaign, someone calls my cell daily.”

To keep the good times rolling, we then targeted ice cream franchises and grocery stores with an “Audio a la Mode” campaign. Prospects received a delicious, custom-labeled brownie, branded ice cream scoop, full-print ice cream cups, and a customized info card.

The same day that campaign arrived, Fuzic booked 5 demos. On day 2, they had 9 demos and secured 68 new store locations. Talk about people loving the vibe!

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First campaign stats: 24 meeting booked, 5 deals closed, and we expect at least another 5-10 deals to close.

Melissa Gindling, Vibenomics

Within just eight weeks, this mailer more than paid for itself.

Melissa Gindling, Vibenomics

Our sales manager and I love the campaign creative.

Melissa Gindling, Vibenomics


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