Founder and Head Creative Coach

About Nicole Ross

Nicole is a business school grad with a creative bent. She’s uber-organized Type-A meets go-with-the-flow Type-B. She’s a corporate marketer with a heart for small business and philanthropy. She’s right and left brain. She’s a fly fishing, novel-writing, horseback riding, ex-kickboxer who has no earthly idea when football season starts. And, yes, she appreciates the irony.

She spent a decade in the fast-paced world of SaaS marketing at ExactTarget (acquired by Salesforce in 2013). After so many years of wearing creative hats across copywriting, event management, graphic design, sales support, employment branding, college recruiting, agency and freelancer management, printing and promotional products, and communications, she knew she’d never be able to settle on a single focus area. Then, she realized she didn’t have to — and Creative Quarterback was born.

Nicole works virtually (like the entire CQB team) and lives in beautiful Bozeman, Montana.